Awesome new paints from Turbo Dork

Turbo Dork do an amazing set of metallic and colour shift paints which are ideal for any painting project and Greg De Stefano the head colour shifter over at Turbo Dork very kindly sent us a bunch of these great paints to take a look at and we will have a full review (both hand painted and airbrushed) as soon as possible. 

These paints will look amazing on vehicles and buildings and give a really great result on most materials including MDF.

From the press release

   It has been a wild and crazy first year of our new business. Growing from just Meredith and I making a few paints by hand in our kitchen, to building a small production facility, and now offering 43 different colors. To celebrate our upcoming birthday we wanted to give something back to you, more colorshift paints to play with!You heard that right ladies and gentlemen, new colorshift paints are incoming! Thirteen new colors will be released to celebrate our one year birthday next Saturday, August 24th!!! Pre-orders are up on our website right now, and paints will ship first come, first served next week. Orders this week that include both new paints and original colors will be held and shipped together. So don’t worry about having a mixed cart situation, we’ve got you =)

One last thing! If you live in the UK or the EU and want to avoid import fees and shipping costs from our side of the pond, please try to order first from our UK based partner store Exit 23 Games!

On to the colors!!!

Chill Out / Sky Above / Cheat Day

    Our main release consists of three sets of three matched colorshifts. Each set includes a matched light shift, mid shift, and dark shift. These colors can be layered over each other or used on their own. Meredith started by developing the highlight colors and working back from there, building a saturated and sometimes psychedelic palette that you can’t take your eyes off. Please keep in mind though that the lighter colors still need to be used over a black base-coat or over another colorshift.

Earthly Pleasures

   While I jokingly refer to myself as the Commissar of Color on my email signature, I wanted to try something a little different this time. These colors are more subtle, like the beetle shell of Forrest Flux or tan/gold to brown of Shifting Sands. Of particular note is Mother Lode which is our take on a mother of pearl/abalone shell shift. Please make sure to use Mother Lode over a white base coat.

Everything You Missed

    For those of you who are completionists, we also have the “Everything You Missed” bundle that includes all 13 colors in one easy to click spot.

Other Important News!!

Turbo Dork ReMix!!!

   We have now completely switched our line over to be slightly thicker, which improves things for hand brush and airbrush users alike. Our pigment will stay in suspension for hours instead of just minutes, and hand brush users get a nice creamy paint that is easy to work with. Airbrush users will need to add a little more thinner, but will experience less pigment separation in your airbrush cup. Bottles with an RM sticker on the bottom are of the ReMix variety.

Please tag us in your projects with @turbdork or #turbodork so we can see what you have made. Thanks from Meredith and I over here at Team Turbo Dork, and Happy Painting!


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