Kitbash Games Supers Unlimited Kickstarter launches

I normally watch Kickstarter for upcoming projects to cover for both Gamers Web and of course Marc’s Comicbook Page, but recently work has been pretty hectic and I let things slip a little.

Anyway thanks to the awesome guys over on the ever-excellent  Gaming Addicts and Miniature Enthusiasts group on Facebook, I stumbled on a Kickstarter campaign that is just perfect for Superhero gaming!

New company Kitbash Games have launched their own Kickstarter campaign today and it is already fully funded!  Offering a range of great looking supers both heroic and villainous, the campaign has some great offers and is very affordable and will also feature cards for each character for the Pulp City and Super Mission Force systems.

The miniatures will be resin and the campaign has another nine days to run.

So what are you waiting for, the world to save itself?

Head on over by clicking the logo below and help save the world or destroy it!

And also sign up for the Gaming Addicts and Miniature Enthusiasts its one of the best groups for miniature lovers on Facebook with some really good threads and amazing folks!

All images and artwork copyright Kitbash Games all rights reserved.


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