Black Knight is a long way from home! Marvel @D23

Okay forgive the music pun, but fresh breaking news coming out of Disneys D23 event. Kit Harrington the breakout star of Game of Thrones has been cast in the upcoming Marvel movie, The Eternals!Harrington was introduced to the crowds at Disneys bi-annual event by his characters name of Dane Whitman, who is better known to Marvel Comicbook fans as Black Knight, a long time member of The Avengers and on again, off again love interest of Cersei played in The Eternals by mega star Angelina Jolie.

The casting of Kit is true to type as Black Knight wields a sword, wears armour and often rides on a black Pegasus style winged horse Valinor! The character is a firm fan favourite and expect lots of sword related action.

This quashed rumours that Keanu Reeves was going to play the character, leaving his yet unannounced role still up in the air. Smart money is on Reeves playing Silver Surfer or at least the voice as he is one of the most in demand actors in the world, though he would be awesome as Moon Knight in the just announced show on Disney+.



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