New Marvel Titles Announced. D23

D23 the bi-annual Disney fan event is about to start its second day in a few hours time, and news from yesterday has begun to surface.  Most of yesterdays event seemed to focus on the new Disney+ streaming service and what it would bring to the table.

We already knew that Hawkeye, WandaVision, Winter Soldier and the Falcon, and Loki would all be getting a show, and the Marvel: What If? animated series was also announced a while ago, but now we get details of some all new shows for the service.

Ms. Marvel, Moonknight and She-Hulk were all announced along with their title cards, though there is no details yet on who will play who in what series!

Ms. Marvel will follow Kamala Khan, a young muslim woman who has extraordinary abilities and idolises the powerful superhero Captain Marvel, which is where she gets her name from. 

The show may feature appearances from Brie Larson and at some point the Ms. Marvel character will appear in future MCU movies as they are interconnected with the shows.

She-Hulk seemed to come from nowhere and I was pretty surprised to hear that the character was getting her own show.  She has been around for a long time and is a firm fan favourite, and her absence from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is noticeable if you read the comics, but I was pretty surprised to see that she was getting her own show!

The show will follow Jennifer Walters the cousin of Bruce Banner and a professional lawyer, who after an accident has to have a blood transfusion from Banner which permanently changes her life and turns her into the seven foot tall, She-Hulk!

The character was created by Marvel so that they could stop any other companies in the 80’s from making a television show that would feature a female version of the Hulk which was very popular on television back then!

The new show will most likely feature Mark Ruffalo returning as Bruce Banner/Hulk though when the timeline is meant to be is yet unknown.

Moon Knight is Marvels answer to Batman.  He is a billionaire, who fights crime (often in a pretty violent way for Marvel) and is granted superpowers by the Egyptian goddess Khonshu which grants him special abilities such as enhanced strength, which change with phases of the moon.

The character is one of the most popular outside of the Avengers and X-Men and has long been waited on by fans, and there is still speculation if Keanu Reeves may don the title and white costume of the masked crusader!

We also found out that Peggy Carter will feature as Captain Britain in her What IF animated tale.  Earlier reports had her taking the role of Captain America while Steve Rogers became Iron Man thanks to a suit made for him by Howard Stark.  Now a new image was released at D23 that features Peggy dressed in the Union Jack flag and wielding a shield.

Still no news on when the streaming service is likely to launch outside of America but hopefully we should know very soon.

Disney + launches on November 12th


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