Supers Unlimited Previews.Kitbash Games

Last week I posted about an exciting new Kickstarter from British company Kitbash Games called Supers Unlimited and Leon from Kitbash very kindly sent me some samples over.The campaign is now entering its final few days, but there is still time left to pledge and get your hands on some of these lovely resin miniatures at a discount from the normal launch price.

Each model is a single casting in high quality resin, with no flash or visible defects and the resin feels really smooth and durable and should be a joy to paint on.

The three models are Doc Cosmos, who is from the team Covenant and looks strikingly heroic, with fantastic facial details.

Plasmatron is from the Vindicators team and looks suitably like a cross between MegaMan and Mister Miracle and I would assume that he is a bad guy or anti-hero.

Finally, from team Syndicate, we have Magnetron who is posed as if he is just about to take flight or landing and is clearly a villainous character.

Each miniature is of a heroic scale and will fit right in with any superhero system, and each of the characters will have their own power cards for use in the Pulp City and Super Mission Force systems.



So what are you waiting for, the world to save itself?

Head on over by clicking the logo below and help save the world or destroy it!

And also sign up for the Gaming Addicts and Miniature Enthusiasts its one of the best groups for miniature lovers on Facebook with some really good threads and amazing folks!

Many thanks to Leon for all his help with this quick review.

All images and artwork copyright Kitbash Games all rights reserved.


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