Bill and Ted: Riff in Time. Warcradle Studios

Greetings my excellent friends.  A while ago over on Gamers Web, I brought news of a most bodacious game from our good friends over at Warcrade Studios, creators of the excellent Wild West Exodus.

Bill and Ted: Riff in Time is a brand new board game that follows the antics of everyone’s favorite highschool geeks, Bill S Preston Esq and Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan and their amazing adventures throughout history.  Based on the cult 1989 movie Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, the springboard for Keanu Reeves and one of my favourite movie of all time!

In an update to their community blog, Warcradle has previewed some of the miniatures that will be found within the game and given a sneak look at some of the other characters.

Along with Bill and Ted we are now presented with miniatures of the other two talents (or only ones who can play instruments at least) those babes from mediaeval England, Joanne and Elisabeth.  The likenesses are fantastic and I am so looking forward to this game coming out.

But the heroes are not the only previews to be shown off.  Joining Wyld Stallyons will be some of histories most famous names and they don’t get  much more famous than Socrates the father of modern philosophy, Napoleon one of the most driven generals and leaders in history and of course the party animal that is  better known as the 16th President of those United States of America, Abraham Lincoln.

Totally blown away by the sheer detail on these miniatures and can’t wait to see them on the games table.

Stay excellent dudes


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