Terrance Dicks Obituary

Sad news for fans of Doctor Who worldwide today as it has been announced that the much-loved writer and script editor on the series Terrance Dicks has passed away at the age of 84!

If you are a Who fan of an older generation (40 plus) then you will most likely have grown up with Dicks novelisations of some of the most classic stories from the series and working as script editor on over a one hundred and fifty episodes of the long-running show.

He was a great influence on many upcoming writers, who grew up reading his work, myself included, and he wrote so many novels that I for one lost track of them all (I still own about forty or so), and he also worked on lots of other none Doctor Who related children’s books in a career that spanned many decades.

He was much respected by most of the modern-day writers of science fiction and children’s literature and Neil Gaiman tweeted this about Dicks today!

As well as writing many novels, Dicks also worked as a script editor for the BBC on the long-running show and was in part responsible for the premise the Doctor being a Time Lord, having joined the show during the end of Patrick Troughtons tenure as the Second Doctor.

He also worked on other notable television shows of the sixties and seventies, including The Avengers, but it is Doctor Who that  he will be best remembered for!


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