My Marvel Crisis Protocol Top Ten Wishlist

I saw a video earlier this week in which The Gamers Guild’s Nate posted his wish list for characters from  Marvel Crisis Protocol.

I am not very good at editing videos, to be honest, I have poor vision so sitting in front of a screen for hours on end tends to be a laborious chore that I find very difficult, but that said I had planned on making a post about the very same subject a while back, much like I did over on Gamers Web with my wish list for Star Wars: Legion!

Anyway below is my quick top ten wish list for the game, that may include a couple of surprises you may not expect.

I would love to know what you folks think about my list, I know there are a couple of mistakes, as I was trying to do the voice over with a music track running in the background which I later removed so kind of lost my chain of thought, but anyway let me know in the comments what you think and please give a like if you fancy and subscribing would really help the channel.



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