Marvel Crisis Protocol play through. Atomic Mass Games

Last night we got our first really good look at how a typical game of Marvel Crisis Protocol plays thanks to the Twitch live stream from Atomic Mass Games

Kicking off every Thursday at 1pm PST (9pm GMT) the stream was hosted by Will Pagani who answered questions, while Dallas Kemp and Will Shick played through a full game minus the set up of terrain.

Quality of the stream was perfect and the issues that plagued the first transmission have been fixed, so after a quick introduction, Will S and Dallas jumped right in to the game. 

You can watch the feed HERE

The first thing that we noticed was the awesome looking neoprene games mat that the battlefield was set up on!  This caused a lot of chat among the guests watching and looked really good. The mat is single sided, high quality neoprene and features a road and pavement intersection, complete with crossing point for traffic lights, parking areas, and a few small grass knolls!  

It is not known if this wonderful looking 3×3 foot games mat will be available at launch but Will P did say that there are two mats currently planned for release.

The game itself was a really fun thing to watch and due to the nature of the games mechanics you could see a great narrative start to unfold quite quickly. 

It seems that everyone had it in for poor Sipder-Man as he was a real magnet for attacks, but pulled off one of the most cinematic events during the game by web slinging a dumpster and using it as a flail to hurl into someone as they rushed him!  

I’m not going to go into too much detail as I think that you should watch the stream yourselves and check out how fun the game is and how simple it seems to play. 

You can through the comments in the chat and see Will P answer what questions he could, and it is confirmed that Marvel Crisis Protocol will be released in November this year!

Many thanks to Will Pagani for his tireless work.and for answering what questions he could without doing a Tom Holland or Mark Grufllo, and to both Will Shick and Dallas Kemp for a really fun and entertaining game to watch. 

Atomic Mass Games will have a live stream on Twitch every Thursday!


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