Aron Eisenberg Obituary

It is with great sadness that we learn today of the passing of Star Trek Deep Space 9 actor; the much loved Aron Eisenberg!

Only a Paper Moon. Aron Eisenberg and James Darren on set of one of the best episodes of Deep Space 9

The diminutive actor had appeared in dozens of film and television projects over the years, but he will best be remembered as his role as Nog, the first Ferengi in Star Fleet and one of the core ensemble characters of Star Trek Deep Space 9.

Aron Eisenberg 1969-2019 truly worthy of the Divine Treasury

Aron brought a ray of optimism and joy with him wherever he went and was a fan favourite at conventions due to his unique comedic abilities..

Tributes to the larger than life actor have been coming in via Twitter and on the Official Star Trek website.

Aron had great comedic timing, but was also a serious actor and gave some of the best performances ever seen in Star Treks history as his loveable character of Nog lost a leg during the Dominon War and much praise was rightly heaped on the actor, especially by his peers on the show.

Aron was only fifty years old when he passed away after a short illness, and having only been born with one kidney had spent a large degree of his young life in hospital.

Please help support Arons funeral expenses


2 thoughts on “Aron Eisenberg Obituary”

  1. So sorry for the Eisenberg family and of course his Deep Space Nine family, friends and fans to hear of the loss of this wonderfull soul. The world is a little darker place without him. Rest in peace Arron.


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