Future Vehicle’s funded. Kore Thinking

Our good friends at Kore Thinking have just funded their Future Vehicles kickstarter, with a while left to go too.  There is still time to pledge and get some awesome vehicles for your games table and collection.

From the update

Thank you all so much!! It has been a great couple of weeks, and we still have a couple of weeks to go!

 project video thumbnail

We are now pressing onwards to more cool and shiny things – firstly, we have unveiled the fantastic Neo Tokyo Drifters. The first of which, the Skyangel will be added to the lineup when we hit £2800. So, the Skyangel will be the next vehicle queued up;

The Skyangel is a high speed design, with all the toys that an aspiring skyracer could even need.

This will be created in 28mm / 15mm / 6mm and added to all STL pledges automatically once we hit £2800!

Ok, so – tonight we put up some Flight bases as addons. Monday we unveil some cool bobbins’ that we think a few of you might just like.. and we chase the Skyangel – which is, to be fair.. a very fast skycar!


The design a car contest is now LIVE!! And backers get a say on the lineup. So, heres how it works – over the next few days, we hotly debate the best and most favourite ideas. We then pick 3 of those and move them over to the Facebook page and have a short poll (open to all), the winning choice will then be made into a model and addded to the Kickstarter!!

We have, so far, had a few great ideas including;

Stretch Flight Limo / Flying Hearse / Police Jetbike / Heavy Utility vehicle / Incident Centre / Citycar / Trash Truck / Air Ambulance / Fire vehicle / Corbin Dallas style skytaxi – have we missed anything? Any more ideas? Please keep em coming.. but.. that Hearse suggestion.. who you gonna call?

Thank you thank you so much! And onto the next goal.

You can back the Kickstarter by clicking the image below! And we will be talking to the guys behind the campaign very soon!

Check out Kore Thinking on Facebook!

Click to go to the Kickstarter and back this awesome project



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