Carlos Remembered

A year ago today the world lost one of its greatest ever comic book artists and creators, Mr. Carlos Sanchez-Ezquerra. It seems odd that a year can pass so quickly, yet here we are!

Carlos was best known for his co-creation of Judge Dredd alongside his long-time friend and writer John Wagner, for the comic book 2000AD.

Anyone who had met Carlos would instantly tell you that he was a gentle soul and a very quiet man.  His soft spoken voice was enunciated by his Spanish accent, something that always made  him stand out from other artists and creators when he was on panels at conventions or you were simply just speaking with him.

Carlos had a very dry sense of humor and could be extremely funny but never at someone’s expense, and he would often see the funny side of things.

His creations are many and though he is best known for creating Judge Dredd, and the following year Johnny Alpha the Strontium Dog (again with John Wagner), he also worked on hundreds of titles in a career that spanned almost six decades.

Recently I, like many other comic book fans; sat down to watch the hit television show The Boys on Amazons streaming service.  Although I had heard of the comics for many years, I had never actually read any of them.  I loved the show and thought I would delve further into its mythos and read the graphic novels.

I never gave it a second thought but as I was reading through I noticed that one of the covers looked very familiar.  The style was very much like Carlos and I instantly turned to the contents page to happily discover that not only had  he drawn the cover, he was also the artist on several issues taking for from Darick Robertson, and Carlos’s son Hector was the inker.

So in just under a year since his sad passing, Carlos is still reaching out to me and I am discovering new and amazing artwork.

He may be gone but will never be forgotten and his huge legacy will live on in reprints throughout the years.

Rest well Carlos my friend you have earned it!


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