Marvel Crisis Protocol Resources Page

There is a lot of buzz around concerning the upcoming Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game from Atomic Mass Games, and as such, I have put together a quick resources page that will collate videos, articles and more.

Where possible i will credit the owners, posters, and YouTubers with links to their sites, in much the same way I did with my Fallout Wasteland Warfare Resources page over on my main site Gamers Web last year.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means and there is a lot of content out there already with loads more coming every day, and I will try to update this page as often as I can.


Atomic Mass Games


Fantasy Flight Games

Marvel Wiki


Facebook Groups

Marvel Crisis Protocol Group

Marvel Crisis Protocol Miniatures Game Group

Marvel Crisis Protocol Fans UK (My own group)

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Fantasy Flight Games live In-Flight Report from Gen Con 2019, featuring the full break down on the game by lead designer for Atomic Mass games Will Shick.

The video that started it all off.  Crabbok posted this video taking the first look at the game and it kind of exploded from there.

Here is another look at one of the amazing demo tables by Crabbok. Please don’t forget to visit his channel and give him some love and subscribe.

An excellent look at making city terrain from the ever-awesome Mel the Terrain Tutor.  Check out his channel and don’t forget to order his terrain making book which we will have a review of very soon.

Gamers Guild have their quick walkthrough on how to play Marvel Crisis Protocol, and there demo of the game at GenCon.  Click here to go directly to their great channel and don’t forget to subscribe

Terrain & Modeling

A few links to some great sites that have pretty awesome terrain that will fit right in with Marvel Crisis Protocol.

Kore Thinking make amazing terrain and vehicles at a wide range of scales
TTCombat make some amazing MDF terrain that is cheap and easy to assemble yet strong enough for regular gaming
Sally 4th make some great roads and bridges which are an ideal addition to your games boards
Turbo Dork make an excellent range of paints that are great for not just painting up your miniatures but perfect for adding graffiti designs to buildings
Geek Gaming home of Lukes Aps some really cheap wargames terrain materials


Mel the Terrain Tutor simply one of the best there is!


Please note that all content is the rightful copyright of the creators and no infringement is intended in any way.

More to be added soon.


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